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Located at 2650 1st Ave in Greeley, The Pet Inn is a one of a kind overnight boarding facility for dogs and cats and doggy daycare.  We have 2 acres of fenced in grass play areas for your dog to be a dog and your cat will have access to roam about the rooms of our spacious cat pad. 

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THE BEST!!! They treat our dogs like the spoiled rotten dogs they truly are :) They take such great care of our smallest dog as well (she is sometimes too timid to play with other dogs, and the employees just take her in and let her hang out  inside with them).  Clean, friendly, affordable, professional! 

-Amanda P

The best boarding place ever!  I leave with my dogs wagging their tails and I return and they are still wagging their tails!  Makes me feel so much better about leaving them.  And I love that they get to spend daytime in daycare even when boarding overnight.  That makes me feel SO much better!  The pictures of my dogs having fun in play groups on Facebook makes our whole trip worry free!! 

-Lisa J

I have had some really bad boarding experiences.  BUT NOT HERE!!!!!!  This place and it's people are fantastic!!!  My two dogs were there for 10 days & had a great time.  We will be able to go on vacation from here on out knowing my boys are having one too.  Thank you so much my new friends at The Pet Inn.

-Patsy M

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